About Subang Jaya Community Sports Club (SJCSC)

Founded in 2005, our Club actually started as a community league in 2001 – the Subang Jaya Community Youth Football League (SJCYFL) – a volunteer-driven, community-based youth football league where “no one is paid and everyone plays!” Today our Club is still as much volunteer-driven and community based as day one. We have now moved beyond boys & girls football and have introduced community building programmes such as Scrabble for youths, parenting and community service projects for entire families.


There is a saying “It takes a village to raise a child “Our Club is all about growing balanced kids and healthy families. SJCSC gives parents an opportunity to get involved in the lives of their children and interact with others in the community. All of the coaches, team helpers and league officials are parents and other volunteers from the community. The networking and integration of the families involved certainly promotes healthy social relationships.

Our core values are unity, service and family

While our main activities resolves around football, our intentions are actually less about football and more about growing balanced kids and healthy families. We strongly encourage all parents to attend their children’s games, support them as they play and make life-long family memories. Many of our families’ closest friends have been made through the league.

Over the years, our Club has successfully conducted social programmes such as the parenting seminars and abstinence programme for teens in collaboration with organisations such as the Focus on the Family Malaysia. These seminars generated great participation and enthusiasm for parents and children involved

With one of our core values being service, each year the league designs a project to help communicate social responsibility to our children.  Since 2003, our families have collected and donated thousands of food hampers for the various charitable institutions

Apart from our football related activities, and in-line with this volunteerism journey, and our continued commitment towards harmony and togetherness we are in the midst of organizing a SJCSC COMMUNITY FUN RUN 2016. Our prime motivation behind this is to provide our children with a healthy environment for their growth and development into adolescence and adulthood besides creating a solid foundation and platform for our children to integrate seamlessly in to today’s society. We also targeting the community to come together to enjoy while participating in this healthy physical outdoor activity. In doing so we also aspire to achieve the true spirit of community harmony and camaraderiaship across all divides.